Unicorn Bean Bag Party Favors

These Unicorn Bean Bags Party Favors are so cute. They come in a set of 8 unicorn bean bags and are a fantastic unicorn party favor.

Each unicorn in the set measures 5″ tall.

Pretty Unicorn Beverage Napkins

These Pretty Unicorn Beverage Napkins are the perfect beverage napkin for a unicorn party. They are heart shaped featuring a pretty unicorn with a pastel pink mane and a darker pink border.

They measure 5.5″ x 5″ x 0.2″.

My Little Pony Party Favor Pack

The My Little Pony Party Favor Pack gives you a lot of party favor action for the money. It includes 8 hair brushes, 8 keychains, 8 whistles, 8 mini notepads, 8 laser spin tops, and 8 prism viewers. Use them to fill party favor bags or even to fill a pinata!

Unicorn Magic Cups

These Unicorn Magic Cups are so pretty and colorful featuring a pretty white unicorn with a pink mane and tail and a rainbow background covered in pink stars and small hearts.

There are eight 9 ounce cups per pack.

Unicorn Wings Pink Pegasus Mylar Balloon

The Unicorn Wings Pink Pegasus Mylar Balloon is a unicorn with pegasus wings. It measures 45″ high and 42″ wide and is double sided. It will last between one and two weeks after being inflated.

Purple Unicorn Pinata with Rainbow Mane

The Purple Unicorn Pinata with Rainbow Mane is an adorable purple pinata that will make any little girl’s birthday party a lot of fun. It is deep purple with a pretty rainbow mane and tail, big eyes, and a sweet expression.

Magic Unicorn Lunch Plates

These Magic Unicorn Lunch Plates are super pretty with a pink mane on the unicorn and a pastel rainbow in the background. The border is light blue with pink stars.

The plates measure 9″ round and there are 8 per pack.

Enchanted Unicorn Paper Cups

These Enchanted Unicorn Paper Cups are pretty in pink and blue. The unicorn has a pink mane and big, beautiful eyes.

Each cup holds 9 oz. Comes in a pack of 8 cups.

Happy Birthday Unicorn Mylar Balloon

This Happy Birthday Unicorn Mylar Balloon features a pretty white unicorn with pink mane and tail, a sparkly silver horn, butterflies in her mane, and the words “Happy Birthday” written on her body. It measures 21″ and would be a sweet addition to any unicorn themed birthday party.

Hello Kitty Unicorn Stickers

These Hello Kitty Unicorn Stickers are great for little girls who love both unicorns and Hello Kitty (who doesn’t?). Put them in party favor bags, decorate packages with them, decorate invitations, or whatever your imagination can dream up. Includes one A4 sheet of stickers.

Unicorn Rainbow Party Invitations

These Unicorn Rainbow Party Invitations are a pretty way to invite people to a unicorn or rainbow themed birthday party. They feature a white unicorn set against the backdrop of a sparkling rainbow with the words “A Magical Adventure Awaits.” They measure 5.5″ and there are 8 cards and envelopes per pack.

Unicorn Rainbow Sticker Sheets

These Unicorn Rainbow Sticker Sheets feature rainbows, rainbow hearts, stars, and unicorns. They are perfect as party favors, for decorating party favor bags or gift packages, adorning invitations, and more. Each pack includes 12 sheets of stickers and each sheet has 25 stickers.

Unicorn Rainbow Centerpiece

This Unicorn Rainbow Centerpiece is a pretty decorative centerpiece for a unicorn theme party. It is made of paper and measures 9″ x 12″. Great for magical unicorn theme birthday parties for girls of all ages.

Rainbow Flower Mylar Balloon

Rainbow Flower Mylar Balloon features a beautiful, realistic rainbow flower on both sides of the balloon. This is a unique balloon and great for any party. Kids as well as adults will love it. It measures 26 inches.

Zanda Panda Silicone Unicorn Mold

The Zanda Panda Silicone Unicorn Mold is a fantastic unicorn mold that can be used for cakes, candy, jello, chocolate, or for arts and crafts. It is made of 100% food grade, FDA approved, platinum cured silicone. Designed by Sandra Lina, an award winning sculptor. It is dishwasher, freezer, oven, and microwave safe and measures 9 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches.

Unicorn Candy Fun Pack

This Unicorn Candy Fun Pack comes in a set of 4 dozen packs with 12 pieces of candy per package. It includes assorted unicorn themed candy shapes like rainbows, stars, and unicorns in strawberry, raspberry, and banana flavors. These are great as party favors.

Enchanted Unicorn Cake Topper

The Enchanted Unicorn Cake Topper is a white unicorn with a pink mane and tail. It can be used as a cake topper or as a decoration anywhere in the house during a unicorn theme party. It is made of plastic and is 5″ long.

Enchanted Unicorn Reversible Cupcake Wrappers

These Enchanted Unicorn Reversible Cupcake Wrappers are a cute way to serve cupcakes at a unicorn theme birthday party or any party, for that matter. They feature a white unicorn with a pink mane on a blue background on one side and a purple floral pattern on the other side.

Edible Unicorn Cake or Cupcake Topper

This Edible Unicorn Cake or Cupcake Topper makes creating a unicorn cake easy. Just remove from backing and apply to your cake or cupcake like a sticker. Choose from different sizes, including 1/4 sheet cake, 1/8 sheet cake, 2″ round cupcake, 3″ round cupcake, 6″ round cake, and 8″ round cake. It is certified kosher, gluten free, soy free, and trans fat free with no known allergens.

Enchanted Unicorn Dessert Plates

These Enchanted Unicorn Dessert Plates will make any unicorn party more fun. They feature a pretty white unicorn with a pink mane and tail on a purple and lavender background.

Rainbow Unicorn Cupcake Boxes

Send a cupcake home with each guest with these Rainbow Unicorn Cupcake Boxes. They feature a rainbow pattern with a cutout star on the top and a pretty unicorn. Measures 4.5 x 3 x 4.5 inches.

Pink and White Unicorn Pops

These Pink and White Unicorn Pops are the perfect unicorn party favor for a unicorn themed party. They are 8″ high (including the stick), kosher, and individually wrapped. Each set contains 8 lollipops.

Floating Unicorn Rubber Ducks

These Floating Unicorn Rubber Ducks are great party favors or put them in a swimming pool or pond during a unicorn theme party! You could also set them out as a party decoration. They come in a set of 12.

Japanese Unicorn Erasers

These Japanese Unicorn Erasers are a great party favor for a unicorn theme party. They can also be used as a cake decoration since they are non-toxic and free of lead. Adults will also love these! This set of 6 includes a rainbow of colors, including purple, pink, blue, orange, yellow, and green.

Rainbow Pinata

This Rainbow Pinata is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face and provide some good times. It is approximately 20 x 14 x 4 and is a good size for about 8 kids.

Enchanted Unicorn Balloon Bouquet Set

The Enchanted Unicorn Balloon Bouquet Set is a set of 12 balloons – two 18″ Enchanted Unicorn foil balloons, two pink star foil balloons, 2 jumbo unicorn foil balloons, and six purple latex balloons. The set also comes with both pink and purple curling ribbon and a purple balloon weight.

Unicorn Pinata

This Unicorn Pinata is a great way to add some active fun to a unicorn party or any birthday party. It is white with a purple mane and tail Fill it with any candy that you like and let the kids have at it!

It measures 21 x 6 x 19 inches and will hold a lot of candy.

Enchanted Unicorn Party Invitations

These Enchanted Unicorn Party Invitations feature a sweet unicorn with big eyes and a pink mane on a blue background. The front of the card says “You’re Invited” and inside it says, “To An Enchanted Party”.

Each package includes 8 invitations.

Unicorn Rainbow Dangling Spirals

These Unicorn Rainbow Dangling Spirals are a fun and festive addition to your daughter’s birthday party. They are pretty spirals in a rainbow of colors with unicorns and rainbows hanging at the end of each one.

Each package contains 12 spirals.

Unicorn Rainbow Beverage Napkins

These Unicorn Rainbow Beverage Napkins are so colorful and cheerful that you almost don’t want to set your drinks on them. They add some magical unicorn rainbow magic to any children’s party. Or use them at adult cocktail parties for something different!

Unicorn Rainbow Dessert Plates

These Unicorn Rainbow Dessert Plates are the perfect plates to serve up some unicorn cake. They will definitely add some extra magic to the party.

Each plate measures 7 inches and they come in packages of eight.

Unicorn Rainbow Party Cups

These Unicorn Rainbow Party Cups are bright, cheerful, and perfect for a rainbow or unicorn theme party. They’re so adorable that you may want to use them every day!

Each cup holds 9 oz. and there are eight cups per package.

Mylar Unicorn Balloon

This Mylar Unicorn Balloon is 33″ and features a pretty unicorn with a lavender and pink mane on both sides of the balloon. You can have it filled with helium at your local party supply store or, if you will have a lot of balloons at your party, get a Disposable Helium Tank and do it yourself!

Unicorn Cookie Cutter 4.5 inch

This 4.5 inch Unicorn Cookie Cutter is what you need to make magical unicorn cookies for your child’s (or adult’s!) unicorn themed birthday party.

Get creative and use it not only for cookies, but to shape cantaloupe or other soft fruits. Made of tinplated steel.

Pin the Horn on the Unicorn Party Game

The Pin the Horn on the Unicorn Party Game is a fun twist on traditional pin the tail on the donkey party games. The set includes 16 self stick unicorn horns, a blindfold, a poster, and instructions.

Glow-in-the-Dark Unicorn Tattoos

These Glow-in-the-Dark Unicorn Tattoos are a great idea for unicorn themed slumber parties. Apply them to the kids and let them glow in the dark and have a blast!

Easy to apply and remove. Each book contains six tattoos.

Temporary Glitter Unicorn Tattoos

These Glitter Unicorn Tattoos from Dover are a fun addition to any little girl’s birthday party. Glitter and unicorns … what’s not to love? The kids will have fun getting these tattoos applied and wearing them home. Each book contains six tattoos. They easily apply to arms and legs and last a day or two.

Unicorn Chocolate Mold

This Unicorn Chocolate Mold can be used for making adorable chocolates in the shape of unicorns to complement a unicorn themed party or to send home as party favors. It can also be used to make butter or soap.

Each mold has 11 cavities and each piece in the mold measuers 1 3/8″ by 1 3/8″. Made of FDA-approved plastic.

Magical Candy Uni-Horns

These Magical Candy Uni-Horns look great on the table at a unicorn or rainbow theme party. Try tying pretty ribbons around each one and arranging them like a bouquet. They also make a great addition to party favor bags. Either way, the kids will love them!

Enchanted Unicorn Party Cups

These Enchanted Pink and Purple Plastic Unicorn Party Cups are fantastic for beverages, ice cream, or other desserts at a unicorn themed party or any little girl’s birthday party. They are plastic and each cup holds 12 fl. oz.

Mylar Rainbow Balloon

This Mylar Rainbow Balloon is a great addition to your party decor. It is double-sided and 32 inches. Have it filled at your local party store or do it yourself with a Disposable Helium Tank.